Ops are not normal

July 20th, 2014

Hey folks- the fires in the Valley have left us with no phone, power or internet for likely the next few weeks, so have some patience if you’re trying to get in touch- email is working best… So far all our staff, their families and homes are okay, but we know many who have lost everything. Please think cold, windless and rainy thoughts for us folks in the Methow. And consider a donation the Red Cross who are helping those affected by the fires. A good list of organizations helping out can be found here.

2015 availability as of 6/16/14

June 9th, 2014


good looking track son the Lyall Glacier photo courtesy  of John Forsen

good looking track son the Lyall Glacier photo courtesy of John Forsen

While summer is just heating up, our advance booking have been cooking along along. Many weekends in February and March are also sold out or close to it and the yurt is sold out for the 2015 season.

Available dates for our heli programs are as follows:

Jan 23-31st: room for 2 groups of 4 left each day

Feb 1 through Feb 5th: room for 3 groups of 4 each day

Feb 6th room for 1 group of 4

Feb 12: room for 2 groups of 4

Feb 13th room for 1 group of 4

Feb 17th room for 1 group of 4

Feb 26th room for 3 groups of 4

March 2-4th room for 1 group of 4

March 5th room for 2 groups of 4

March 9th-11th room for 1 group of 4

March 12th room for 3 groups of 4

March 13th room for 2 groups of 4

March 15th room for 2 groups of 4

March 19th room for 2 groups of 4

March 21st room for 1 group of 4

March 22nd room for 2 groups of 4

March 23rd-25th  room for 2 groups of 4

March 26-29th room for 3 groups of 4 each day

March 29th is our last scheduled day of operations for 2015.

Booking a trip means putting the required deposit down, along with completing a registration form. Don’t delay getting in touch if you are considering a trip to the North Cascades in 2015.

Powder posse

May 14th, 2014

Pow posseWith the summer heat not far away, it’s time to start thinking about making some epic turns next season with good friends. As much our experience is about the flying, the mountains, the cold smoke, driving the legs and forgetting about work and worries, adventure in the North Cascades is a lot about being with your crew, experiencing ultimate moments together, and creating memories for a lifetime.
We are in and out of the office throughout the summer here in this spectacular Methow valley, but please contact us soon so we can start pulling together a trip for your powder posse.

(Photo courtesy: John Forsen)

2015 availability as of 4/30/14

April 28th, 2014

We feel very fortunate that the demand for our programs is continuing at a good clip, with most weekends in February and the early part of March sold out or very near to being sold out. We plan to open Friday January 23rd and cease operations on Sunday March 29th, 2015.

Black out dates for our “standard” heli-skiing programs is a follows:


2/23-2/25 has room for 1 group of 4 left


3/2-3/4 has room for 1 group of 4 left





Black out dates for the yurt are as follows:

Jan 23-28

Feb 12 through March 18

Scheduled office hours this spring are on Mondays, typically from 9-1. We do check email daily when we are not in the office.

Next year

March 22nd, 2014

Today is that bittersweet, but mostly sweet day where we serve our last guests of the season. Thanks to everyone who made the journey to the end of the road to ski or ride with us this winter- we look forward to seeing many of you next year already.

Looking to 2015, we anticipate our 2015 season to run from January 26th to March 29th. Weekend dates are going fast, as is the yurt. Line up your powder appointment before they are all gone!

Got some if you need it

Fun pow and extended season

March 10th, 2014

The storms have finally abated and it’s time for powder and sunshine in the North Cascades. We have extended the season until March 26th. Come to Mazama and enjoy our deep snowpack.
(Photo courtesy of John Forsen).

The only scarcity around here is the lack of tracks, Jack.

Just like that

February 20th, 2014

Three months of winter in 10 days.
Was someone complaining about the lack of snow this season?
It has gotten deep.

Mining the goods

February 10th, 2014

Jeff strikes pay dirt at the yurt where mining for white gold lures the hopeful each season.
Maybe you need some yurt time someday.
(Photo by Larina)

Beautiful mountains, great conditions

February 4th, 2014

The last storm sure brought some much needed and high quality powder to the area. The 12th man needed some pow and we got it. The 12th man needed a Super Bowl win and, well, we definitely got that.


January 24th, 2014

The season is underway and we are finding good snow, that is, if you like powder, especially with sunshine. No groomers out here!