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Spring News from NCH

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

While we wrapped our season on March 15th this year, the fresh coating of snow visible on the North Cascades this morning makes us start thinking about next year already (while throwing the boards in the back of the car for ski tour).

We have a few changes to announce for the 2010 season. Our season will begin on Friday January 8th and end on Sunday March 21st.

We anticipate partnering with the Freestone Inn to offer all-inclusive riding and lodging packages, with rates for these packages to be announced soon. We’ve also made some changes to our programs:

Heli-skiing/riding Programs

We’ll start the season with early season rates of $700 per day per person through Thursday January 14th. This rate will be valid for 1 day or 3 day programs and one day programs can be booked any day during early season.

Starting January 15th, we will be offering three day programs Fridays through Sundays and Mondays though Wednesdays. Thursdays will be the only day we are scheduling single day programs (or the option to add a 4th day to a 3 day program). We may be able to offer single day programs on a case-by-case basis outside of Thursdays.

This allows us to offer our guests a 3 day program for $2,400 per person. Thursday single day programs will be $850 per person.

Late season rates of $700 per person per day will kick in on Monday March 15th, and will be valid through the 21st. This rate will be valid for 1 day or 3 day programs and one day programs can be booked any day during late season.

Exclusive use charters are available any day where no other guests are currently scheduled, with a two day, 1.5 hour a day minimum required to book. Exclusive use will be $3,250 per hour in early and late season and $4,000 an hour during peak season.

We will be offering standby rates on a space available basis at $725 per day. Please email the office if you would like to be added to this list.

Ski Touring Programs

The North Cascades backcountry yurt will be available for 3 day trips Thursdays to Sundays, 4 days trips are Sundays to Thursdays. 3 day trips are $900 per person, 4 day trips are $999 per person, all inclusive. Longer trips can also be arranged on a custom basis.

Single day heli-assisted touring and the Nordic Super Tour will both be available 7 days a week. Heli-assisted tours will be $375 per person and the Nordic Super Tour will be $250 a person.

2010 Season Specials

In addition to the early and late season rates listed above, we’re offering a few special deals to help your get you heli on:

• Washington State ski resort pass holders will receive a 15 percent discount on any peak season heli-skiing program (not valid during early or late season).
• Guests who return for multiple trips during the season will be entitled to a 10 percent discount on subsequent trips during the season (not valid during early or late season).
• March Madness returns. From March 1st to March 15th, bring a group of 4 and get 1/2 off one seat, bring 8 and get one free. Heli-assisted tours are $325 per person and the Nordic Super Tour is $225 per person.
• As an incentive for return customers, we’re offering all guests 10% off any trip after their first program of the season. Come for a day early season, get 10% off our peak season rates for the entire season. Not a bad deal. Call the office today to schedule your trip. This offer does not apply to standby seats or ski industry discounts and cannot be combined with another offer.

Other news

We’re also proud to announce that North Cascade Heli has purchased the heli-barn, so many more years of good times and great riding will happen from the big red barn at Wilson ranch.

Here’s hoping your summers are wonderful and a North Cascade Heli trip is in your plans for 2010.