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Summer stoke

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009


We are in the dog days of summer here in the Methow although a few days ago the temps dropped and a few inches of snow showed up on the higher peaks after quite the storm. Of course seeing just a bit of the white stuff was enough of a reminder that winter is just a few months away.

We are taking reservations and some weeks are already filling up. Contact us soon to book a few days of powder skiing in the great mountain range that is the North Cascades.

Here is a picture by valley resident Paul Jennings of longtime NCH guest Bill Carlson doing what he loves to do: pulling into a LZ after shredding untracked snow down another fine North Cascade line.


Will Bill coming in hot.

Will Bill coming in hot.

TGR’s Re:session trailer

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Just in time for the waning of summer, TGR has released the trailer for their upcoming film Re:session, shot partially on location here at North Cascade Heli. Video here:

And for bonus viewing, scroll down to a “Almost Live Clip” shot during their time with us…