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Some of our favorite shots from last season

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Well, with the autumnal equinox happening today, the days are getting shorter and it feels like winter is just around the corner- a nice coat of snow was visible up high in the North Cascades as I drove over today. Less than 3 months until the heli flies here in the North Cascades and to begin our offerings to Ullr and his pal La Nina, here are some of our favorite shots from last season to get your stoke on. Enjoy!

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And, a quick word from the office- key dates are going fast, especially at the Barron yurt. We’ve got 6 trips up there on the books already so don’t delay calling if you are thinking about heading up there this season!

2011 forecast

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We love it when the snow flies in Seattle. With the La Nina predictions out there, here’s a summary from the blog of weather-guru Cliff Mass:

It also turns out that there is a greater probability of lowland snow west of the Cascades during La Nina years. Now, if Seattle’s Mayor McGinn knows whats good for him he would be sharpening those snow plow blades, securing lots of sand and SALT, establishing rational plans for plowing the city, and telling all snow plow operators to avoid his neighborhood. We lost one Mayor to snowappocalypse, two would be an embarrassment. I offered to build a SNOWWATCH web page for the city…no bites yet.

North Cascades Deep:

Dates for 2011 Season Announced

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

While the sun is still shining and summer is still here, we’re already dreaming of making some powder turns here in the North Cascades. We’ll have the B3 back this year and Seamus at the stick, so starting January 14th our season will open, with a closing date of March 20th.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get an early start to the season if La Nina cooperates or run a little longer!

Dates are booking up, especially at the Barron yurt, so call or email to secure your preferred dates.