Single or a twosome and looking to ride?

Often we field inquiries from folks who are psyched to go out in the heli, be it for one day or three, and who are also looking to come solo. We will definitely be motivated to try and accommodate “single seat” requests, but this presents the challenge of filling three other seats to make a full load, especially because many of our guests come in groups of four and it takes a variety of factors to come together in order to build a load of four.


We encourage single seat powder hounds to try on their end to rustle up a partner or two. Ability and compatibility concerns are less of an unknown when there is familiarity among your fellow skiers and riders, but also groups of two and three guests are much more likely to be booked, especially farther in advance of the trip.


Nonetheless, if you are by yourself, we can take down your preferred dates and other information and do our best to build a load with other single and partial group guests. As with any questions about our operation, please contact us about visiting North Cascade Heli as a single guest.

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