A great start to winter

December 11th, 2015

We are a little over a month away from the start of our operating season and thanks to all the recent stormy weather the snowpack is looking good. While it may not sound that impressive given the underwhelming amount of snow we had last year, there is already more snow at Washington Pass (80+ inches at elevation 5,400′) right now then there was at any time last season!

Big snow day in Mazama

November 17th, 2015

Despite the forecast for 1-3 inches of snow followed by rain, we have lucked out here in Mazama and now have almost two feet of the white stuff out in open areas. Up at Washington Pass, the telemetry is showing over 50 inches of snow!!
What a great way to start out the season with a nice solid base.
If you haven’t made plans for a visit to our area and enjoy some helicopter-assisted powder turns in this stunning range of mountains, give us a call.
First bigsnow

2016 Availability as of 10/30

October 19th, 2015

Many prime dates are gone already, so don’t delay in getting in touch if you are interested in some pow in the North Cascades this winter. We open on January 28th and plan to cease operations on March 27th in 2016.

Availability is as follows:

Barron yurt:

Just one trip left: March 13-17

Heli-assisted ski touring:

Booked on a space available basis. Please contact the office for dates


Jan 28-Feb 4th: room for 3 groups of 4 a day

Feb 7th: room for 2 groups of 4

Feb 8-10th: room for 3 groups of 4 a day

Feb 11:  room for 2 groups of 4

Feb 12th: room for 1 group of 4

Feb 16-18th: room for 1 group of 4 a day

Feb 29th-March 2nd: room for 2 groups of 4 a day

March 3rd: room for 3 groups of 4

March 7th-8th room for 1 group of 4 a day

March 13th: room for 1 group of 4

March 14-15th: room for 2 groups of 4 a day

March 16th: room for 3 groups of 4

March 17th: room for 2 groups of 4

March 20-23rd: room for 2 groups of 4 a day

March 24-27th: room for 3 groups of 4 a day

Book now, shred later

October 9th, 2015

Aficionados of untracked powder take note: Winter is in the air with gorgeous fall colors adorning the valley and mountains.

Now is the time to reserve your dates for adventure in the North Cascades.

Our schedule is filling up and we don’t want to see you left out in the cold with no powder to shred.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The wild west:tgr

Methow mourning and a dusting of new

September 4th, 2015

Well, it has been a strange, stressful and sad time here in the Methow Valley the last few weeks due to the impacts of wildfires. The loss of three firefighters in the Twisp River area two weeks ago has been difficult to absorb and accept, especially the death of 20-year-old Tom  Zbyszewzki, who grew up here and was a great kid with so much potential. His mother, Jennifer, the recreation and outfitter supervisor at our local USFS district, has worked for many years with North Cascade Heli. Words fail to properly convey our shock and grief due to this tragic incident. On behalf of everyone at NCH, we humbly extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the fallen.

With a fairly dramatic change in the weather recently, autumn is in the air, a far better scenario than that of haze and smoke. Storms have brought some rain to the region as well as a light dusting of snow at the higher elevations. We hope that you will have the opportunity to visit the Methow and enjoy the pleasant conditions typically found here in September and October.

Looking ahead to better days, the recent cooler temperatures are a reminder that the winter season is coming soon. We hope you will be joining us here at the end of the road. Until then, take care and appreciate each day as much as possible.


Snowy shroud

We can help

July 23rd, 2015

It’s been a beautiful summer here in the Methow, almost too nice, as we could use a bit more moisture to balance out the dryness. As much as we love the sunny days and cool evenings this valley enjoys, as well as the wealth of summer recreation constantly beckoning us, we need to dream ahead about this coming winter. Forget about dire El Nino forecasts. Why despair about something that hasn’t even arrived yet? Plus, it’s mountain weather – who really knows what is going to happen in a few months.

Winter isn’t too far down the line. The east side of the North Cascades had the best, and in some ways, the only, reliable skiing in the state last year. We can only think, like in every winter, next season won’t be any different.

If you’re starting to think about shredding untracked snow through stunning terrain, give us a call. We can help.

johnny5                                                                                                                                (Photo: Bob Legasa)



Planning your 2016 North Cascades session

May 19th, 2015

It has been a beautiful spring here in the Methow Valley as we transition into summer. Hopefully things will be a bit quieter and subdued with the wildfire situation this time around, especially with the low snowpack scenario for much of the state.
Maybe it is because we didn’t get in as much powder skiing last winter like we normally like to experience that we are already looking forward to next winter. Crazy, huh? But you are probably like us, and many of guests, and skiing or riding untracked powder in the resplendent North Cascades with friends and family is not something you dream about, but that you expect and look forward to each year.
Well, it is time to start planning and book your trip. Give us call, or shoot us an email. We are in and out of the office during the summer months, but we will respond quickly and help you get lined up for another session of fun and adventure in the North Cascades.

Session this.

Session this.


It’s all over now…

March 31st, 2015

Well, that bittersweet day is here when the heli leaves Mazama and we wrap up the season at the heli barn.

It wasn’t the best winter, but we certainly made the best of it, and we have our staff and guests to thank for that with everyone’s “pumped to be stoked” attitude!

The North Cascades Highway is set to open soon, and some winter-like weather is on its way for the Pacific Northwest, so we hope you enjoy some April powder turns or just some fun mountain time. We are already looking forward to next year and hope that you will be paying us a visit in 2016.

Until then, all the best from everyone here at North Cascade Heli!

12th man heli

Winter’s return

March 15th, 2015

Greetings, skiers and riders!
It is Sunday afternoon and it is snowing heavily in Mazama (2,200′) and expected to continue throughout the night with lowering temperatures. The report from the crew at the yurt (6,200′) is over a foot of low density snow has fallen and that the skiing is great. This indicates excellent snow surface conditions throughout our tenured area (elevations up to 8,600′).
With the biggest snowstorm of the year coating our plentiful North Cascades snowpack, the conditions will be excellent for the remaining two weeks of our season.
Even better news is that we have good availability for all our programs, including a few slots out at the yurt.
Are you desiring some powder turns in one of the most dramatic mountain ranges on the planet?
Give us a call. We got some if you need it.

Photo by Mattias.

Photo by Mattias.

The shredding continues

March 7th, 2015

The stoke has been high at the heli-barn as skiers and riders have been enjoying spectacularly classic North Cascades views and descents. For the apparent disaster of a winter the Northwest has presumably endured, guests have been shredding pow and corn, as well as some other snow sliding surfaces, with joy, spirit and determination.

We are continually impressed with everyone’s upbeat attitudes despite some challenging conditions, but guess what?… The skiing and riding has been pretty darn fun!

If this is what a bad winter is like, we’ll take it!


Silver Star Mountain. (Photo courtesy of Jason Paulsen).